If you have recently lost a loved one or are an attorney who specializes in elder law and need to sell a property, our expert realtors are here to help you.

What We Do

Initial Consultation

Our goal is to gather pertinent information, order the preliminary title commitment and schedule a time to view the property. We will discuss any potential complications and solutions, and set a target market date.


During the prelisting, our goal is to determine what may need to be repaired prior to the home going on the market and to coordinate with tradesmen to ensure that the property is ready to sell by our target list date. We will confirm the sales price and review all documents. Rest assured, our team takes care of all the details.

Active Listing

The property is Active on Metro Listing Service and our team has already begun actively marketing the property. Once offers are received, we gather all offers, condense them into one place for ease of review and create a preliminary net sheet so that the Seller has an idea of the net proceeds that the estate/seller should expect at closing.

Under Contract

Once the property has gone under contract we manage all dates and deadlines, negotiate any inspection items, provide security checks of the property and review the final Settlement Statement with the Buyer. Our goal is to ensure that the sales transaction is smooth all the way to the closing table.

Preparing the property for sale? We've got you covered!

How do we protect your asset?